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VintageWindmillParts.com has new or used parts, parts diagrams, instructions or manuals for the following windmills. We are also a dealer for new Monitor windmill parts.

Aermotor (Bell Hub, Open Geared/Pumping Models, Geared Power, 602, 702, 802), Air King, Althous-Wheeler, Appleton-Goodhue, Baker Mfg. Co., Beaty Pumper, Butler, Challenge, Currie, Dandy, David Bradley, Double Power Mill, Dempster, Elcipse, Elgin, Fairbanks-Morse, Fairbury, Flint and Walling, Heller-Aller, Halladay, Home-Made Windmills, Ideal, Imperial, IXL Wind Mills, Leader, Mast Foos, Monitor, Montgomery Ward, OK Solid Wheel, Railroad Eclipse, Red Cross, Samson, Star, Southern Cross, Steel Eclipse (WG), Stover, U.S. Wind Engine & Pump Co., Wonder, Woodmanse and others!